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My Canopy Tour of Note

Well what a wonderful way to spend Goodwill Day in South Africa!
As a gift for Christmas me, my husband, Fred and my sister Pene, were given tickets to zip through the forest canopy at Karkloof.
Yup we flew, Literally. We were strapped into a harness driven up a slippery bumpy mountainside, walked into a forest and hooked onto a skinny steel wire 30 metres above the ground. Then told -“Go!”

All very well but it was a bit misty on our particular day so all we could see was the first 10 metres of the zip line, so we had no idea where we were heading. All a bit eerie but definitely exhilarating.
I got told off for going too slowly on the first zip, which I thought was mean of them but it did mean I had to be hauled in by a rope which was a bit infra dig!

The next zip-line I whizzed down and thought I’d never stop as I really couldn’t feel any braking when I tried to brake, however I got there just fine. Then it was the time for the longest and steepest and I really wanted to see what was down below so I cruised down peering below at the trees somewhere down there. So intent was I on my mission, the next thing I know is I’m being yelled at to speed up to get up to the finish step. Oops I missed again, but this time by so far I had to turn round and haul myself in hand over hand up the line. M mm, I didn’t make that mistake again. When they said don’t break I listened and did not break and I did make it to the end in a fast whizzle stop – but what fun.

It was over all too soon. All 8 zip-lines done and dusted just when we were getting the hang of it all. Anyway the walk out of the forest was lovely with a little stream, some pretty flowers and a couple of bird sightings. The perfect end to an astonishingly fabulous trip in the trees.
I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who can take one.
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