An Interview with Gill Van Wyk Senior tutor on South African Painting Holidays

Sally: Gill, where do you work?
Gill:–  At home in my studio but I enjoy working in the open as it’s a challenge working with the real thinggill60x66

Sally:-How do you find a title?
Gill:- I try not to think about it and it will just come to me.

Sally: – What do you most enjoy about painting?
Gill: – aHa! It takes you into a relaxed mode and I enjoy working with colour and capturing the feeling.

Sally:What is a typical day for Gill?
Gill: – Getting going with a cup of tea, then the chores around the house. When they are done I set up my work and usually do three hours of painting a day. Then I have a fairly long break till after supper then I start working again when it is nice and quiet.

Sally: – Is spontaneity important?
Gill:- For me it is.

Sally: – What is difficult?
Gill: –  Enough time. Things that interrupt me

Sally:- What is your favourite subject to paint?
Gill:- Birds and outdoors. I’m not into still life but anything organic I enjoy

To hear more of my interview with Gill, you can join the
Painting Circle and watch the video here


To unify your paintings, ask yourself these questions:
1. Does the painting have a center of interest?
2. Does it have a dominant value?
3. Does it have a dominant color?
4. Does it utilize progression?
5. Do the light shapes “walk the eye” through the painting?
6. Do the dark shapes lead your eye through the painting?
Thanks to Ken Hosmer in our October 1986 issue:  The Artist’s Magazine

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