Seasonal Greetings and Gifts!

Well it’s an exciting time of year. Families make great strides to get together and as with my sister some people cover many miles to be with their family.

It is a fun get together time when I try to show my gratitude to family and friends for being there for me. We usually have some good old laughs like you only can with your nearest and dearest.

I would like to share this time of bonhomie with you and have a special gift for you, an added 10% discount on any of our painting holidays (should you be in the next 100 people to book a 2009 South African Painting Holiday)
We at
South African Painting Holidays wish you the very best time during this holiday period
May you relax, have fun and build up a store of ideas for your future paintings!


When using your camera to compose a painting, use the viewfinder as you would use a cardboard viewfinder. Not to record everything you see, but to focus on the important detail

Keep an eye out for more tips in 2009!


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