Netherlands Reality TV adventures in SA

We in South Africa seem to be attracting a whole lot of international interest. Not only are celebs like Lionel Richie,  Rod Stewart and Katie Melua, falling over themselves to come on tour to South Africa but so to are actors buzzing in like mad to make a film. Now the reality programme producers are also getting in on the act. Seems we must offer one of the best areas in Africa with wild and exotic appeal, check out this article of what the Dutch are doing:-

“In the first episode, broadcast on 10 November, five teams, each comprising one model and one disabled person, were assembled. Over the next nine episodes, the teams perform a series of challenges – including a specially developed tandem bicycle route – at scenic locations across South Africa.
While each stage involves cycling, each episode also includes new and uniquely South African challenges as teams compete for a head start in the next episode – and ultimately for the 20 000 first prize.

Expedition Unlimited provides viewers with a glimpse of different worlds: South Africa versus the Netherlands, models versus people with disabilities, the African bush, the desert, the sea and mountains.
“South Africa is a prime example of a country full of contrasts and extremes – the ideal place for challenge and adventure,” says Ilse-Marie Sobering, marketing and communications manager at South African Tourism in the Netherlands.

“As such, each episode aims to depict South Africa to Dutch consumers as both exotic and challenging, but also accessible and engaging.” For more information, visit Expedition Unlimited.
An extract from

Come on one of my Painting Holidays and you too can enjoy this exotic and accessible country


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