A beautiful Spring day in South Africa

Well today is my birthday, oh thanks but I wasn’t fishing, I was about to tell you that is is an absolutely stunning Spring day.

today I’m lucky but the weather can be quite capricious at this time of year as we flip between Berg winds and the more stormy winds from the south.

Five years ago I had one of those special birthdays that people like to celebrate to help remind you how old you are, he, he.

Well they all clubbed together and surprised me with the most wonderful birthday. I had wanted a pizza party on the beach as the beach is so awesome here but they had other plans and took me up to Ballito where our new International Airport is now being built, and sent me on a fantastic microlight flight out over the waves and down the coast to Durban and back again.

It was sooo stunning except for one brief moment when we went in a circle looking at sharks one too many times for my stomach, but that was soon righted when we went straight again. The only down on the day was the weather.

The day before we had been swimming in the sea and walking the beach. On my birthday it was bitterly cold. Grey skies and a sharp wind with the hint of rain to come. My landlubber family were huddled round a fire while I shot off into the atmosphere to return an hour later elated but frozen blue. I thought they would give us a babygrow thinggy to keep us warm but no such luck so my sister and I stole everyones coats (hence why they were huddled round the fire)

It was a great day though and the next day the sun shone down again laughing at me. Today though it is perfect so I have been busy in my new garden planting and weeding. Enjoying the perfect weather and thinking of the lucky people out on a Painting Holiday today. What great painting will be done today!


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