Banish Boring, Bad and Below Par Images Forever

I subscribe to which is full of helpful advice on the taking of photos.
As we all like to take photos I thought I would share this link with you.

I know that if you are taking the photograph because you want to paint something from it later or even just to remember the colours, the last thing you want is a blurry image so have a read hopefully you’ll find it useful…


Blurry images are not the only common problem that
photographers have with their cameras.

There are 9 more, and they are all listed in my free
“Top Photo Tips” ebook.

Tips include:
– Take perfect photos at night
– How to reduce noise in your photos
– What White Balance is, and how to correct it
– How to avoid blurry images
– and lots more

I first released this ebook in December 2006, but a lot of
newer subscribers may not have had a chance to read it. The
tips are still very relevent.

And there’s no technical jargon at all! Just solid advice
that everyone can understand.

Download your free copy here:

Now you know how to do it all come on the Painting Holiday of a lifetime and do some real bush photography with me.


3 responses to “Banish Boring, Bad and Below Par Images Forever

  1. cheers for the free ips downloads 😉

  2. sorry ment to type tips not ips 🙂

  3. It Good Content.
    Thank for your blog.
    Nice to read it.

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