Wine Women & Song

My supermarket sent me a very interesting letter written especially with women in mind. I thought I’d share some of their thoughts with you.Pick n Pay started looking at food which is specifically good for females and then best of all they then set about matching one of our great South African wines with that food making a fabulous combo when maybe you wouldn’t have thought of drinking a wine before.

For instance do you have wine with your fish cakes?
Well  PnP suggest a Van Loveren X Lite white which is a low alcohol winner from this popular estate and add that it is perfect for “Ladies who lunch” and who are also watching their waistlines!

How about butternut? What would you choose to drink so as not to spoil the gorgeous flavour of roast butternut? PnP suggest Vergelegen ‘Vin de Florence’ a delicious soft, fruity charming blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon with a splash of Hanepoot (Haa-nuh-poort), one of the earliest grapes to be grown in the Cape

Or how about a Robertson Sauvignon Blanc with your chicken fingers? It’s crisp, grassy and herbaceous tones is a very “attractive partner” for this dish.

And finally to be totally decadent you just have to have Boland 60/40 with your health muffins. It is a juicy blend that anyone who loves muffins is bound to love.

What a brilliant way to get a taste of South Africa! But surely the best way is still to visit. Come on a painting holiday and do the wine tasting en plein air as well as the painting!

Where does the song come into all this?
Well you will surely want to sing once you taste these lovely wines “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight!”


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