Art Deco in Durban

Durban from the sea

Durban from the sea

A few weeks ago now I was invited to join a group doing a Durban harbour tour. I haven’t done one for a while so happily agreed. On the day though I knew I had been too hasty it was plumb miserable and pretty cold. Anyway the group was made of sterner stuff so off we set me with a big coat in tow!

Fortunately like most days that start out on the cloudy side, that day cleared up stopped raining by the time the boat ride started and actually started to shine by the time we went off for lunch.

I must say the boat ride was still lovely. I just love seeing the buildings from a different perspective. Durban is actually now known, second only to Miami, for it’s art deco buildings. Whenever I go to Durban I always allow more time so I can slowly drive round and spot the beautiful buildings.

If you fancy a peep there is even a website that offers a virtual tour of these beauties.

Cruiser in the distance

Cruiser in the distance

Anyway back to the boatride – we slid past the most enormous ship I have ever seen loading up with cars. it all looked like dinkies when we were kids playing in the garden… amazing and then just accross the way was an equally huge but very sleek passanger cruiser readying to take folk on a trip to the Islands.

When the tour was over we all decided on fish and chips for lunch not an easy choice as there are loads of really good restaurants at Wilson’s Wharf. Anyway not a decision to regret that’s for sure, wow what tasty fish ‘n chips. And the view wasn’t to be sneezed at either. Some rather good looking yatchs!

durban harbour yachts

Durban harbour yachts

It was all in all a well worthwhile and fun outing and one I would recommend to any of the painters coming on a South African Painting Holiday.


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