Sunday Glorious Sunday

Well what fabulous weather we are having. Cool mornings and cool evenings but wall to wall blue skies all day with just the hint of a breeze at times.

Burnt Tree

Burnt Tree

My family all just spent the most joyous day together at my brother and sister-in-law’s house overlooking the kloof (gorge) We weren’t doing anything in particular today other than chillin and chatting catching up with all the news and enjoying each others company as families around the world do especially on a Sunday.

A Really really nice day. While we were there my Mum pointed across the kloof and said I so want to paint those trees over there especially when the sun is setting and the colours are so beautiful. What better reason to hang out together a bit longer than while a painting is being executed of your view? here is one of my Mum’s previous paintings..

There are so many stunning landscapes one can paint in this glorious province of KwaZulu Natal you painters out there don’t know what you’re missing! Why not look at the videos above and check out how you could have the painting holiday of a lifetime.


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