Hippos and Holidays

Hippos have been in the news here lately.
Unfortunately it appears that there is a roaming hippo north of Durban and it looks like it has lived up to the hippos bad reputation for killing people, by killing a man over the weekend.

Now, understandably, the unfortunate decision has been made to shoot the hippo. They are moody creatures and don’t like their pathway back to the water obstructed and we humans unwittingly seem to do this and then pay the price.

I’ve posted a great little video of hippo viewing at night in St Lucia and then a really cool one about a pet hippo just to give the hippo an even press! Both good viewing so take a little look by clicking here or the Videos button above.

We take in the St Lucia area on our painting holidays as they have just the largest hippo community anywhere and it is really fantastic to cruise down the estuary and sketch them as they wallow in the muddy edges. But what intregues me most is how they run around under the water following their pathways, often under the boats, only to pop up in a completely different area. Intregued I might be but I wouldn’t care to scuba dive with them, hey – that would be plumb daft!

They do have the most gorgous shape to sketch and paint though so come on down and have a hippo time of your life on our Painting Holiday


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