Send a birthday message to Mandela

We still have a few days to join in this super celebration of a great man’s life.
I’ve seen his paintings and like the man they are clear and uncluttered telling it as it is.
Wouldn’t it be nice to paint him a card?

I’m sure he’ll appreciate this tribute to his life so feel free to join in the more the merrier….

46664, the global Aids awareness initiative that bears Nelson Mandela’s one-time prison number, has launched a campaign that allows anyone in the world with access to a mobile phone or the internet to send a 90th birthday message to Mandela – and be part of the biggest virtual birthday card in history.

The campaign was launched on 16 June, exactly 46 664 minutes before Mandela’s birthday, and the message lines will be open right through to (and including) the big day on 18 July.

* For the number to text in your country, and the cost,
click here.
* If your country is not listed there – or you’d rather send via the web – you can leave a message at

(Note: you must be 18 years old, or have the permission of the person who pays the bill, before texting!)

Profits from the text charges will go to the Nelson Mandela Legacy Trust and other charitable organisations supported by Mandela, including 46664, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, and Mandela Rhodes Foundation.
Viewing your message

Once you’ve sent a message, you’ll receive a message back notifying you that your message has been received, along with a unique code that can be used to view your message on

The website also records the number of messages sent globally, and has a random rotating display of messages received from around the world to date. A random selection of messages will also be presented to Mandela on his birthday.

Everyone who sends a message will also be entitled to download a free music track being donated by various performing artists.

Among Mandela’s British fans who have already sent messages are Prime Minister Gordon Brown, entrepreneur Richard Branson, actor Lenny Henry, television personality Sharon Osbourne, and musicians Sheryl Crow and Josh Groban, to name a few.
Campaign launched in South Africa

At the launch of the South African leg of the campaign, 46664 Ambassador Yvonne Chaka Chaka took the opportunity to send a message to Madiba to illustrate the path of the message from her phone to

Her message read: “Madiba, no words can describe how the whole world respects and loves you for all that you have done. Now, on your 90th birthday, all I want to say is that you are the Man of the World, Warrior of our salvation. As people you have given us back our dignity. Yem Yem Madiba.”

Nelson Mandela Foundation CEO Achmat Dangor said the primary purpose of the campaign was to allow as many people as possible to wish Madiba a happy birthday.

Asked how Mandela might feel about this outpouring of love, Dangor said: “Knowing the modest man that he is, he would be pleased, but also a little embarrassed. Embarrassed in a good way! He always feels that he as an individual should not be celebrated. He’s always said … that his values should be celebrated.”

Chaka Chaka said she hoped that billions of people across the world would send in their birthday wishes. “There are 6.6-billion people in the world; I would like to see the SMS campaign receive at least 4-billion messages!”

For information about all the events taking place to commemorate Mandela’s birthday, visit Nelson Mandela at 90: The Celebration.

The all-in-one official guide
and web portal to South Africa

Come and visit Nelson Mandela’s beautiful country on a South African painting holiday and paint Africa as he sees it

My birthday card to Madiba:


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