Monkeys in my Garden

Monkeys in my gardenIt’s a lovely sunny Saturday morning so we decided to take our breakfast coffee outside on the veranda. We were sitting quite happily contemplating nature and pleasant sunshine when we heard the dog start with her whining. Actually we think she talks. Anyway it’s a sure sign that the monkeys are passing through our garden so we all start looking in the trees.

The front runners were there having a nice munch on something in the tree, and slowly slowly more begin t arrive and wander over our gate high up on the branches making their way down through the strelitzia negras into the neighbours where the dogs go demented!

We watched for about half an hour as they trickled through and just when we thought they had all gone the nursery arrived. There must have been about 12 babies leap-frogging over each other eager not to get left behind. One not so bright couldn’t decide how to get across the gate which caused a bit of traffic congestion until one bright spark ran up the tree and over the gate through the trees quickly followed by his siblings and eventually the slow dude.

Now the big monkeys are barking outside my window, probably wishing I wasn’t in here so they could come on in and have a wander through to pick up any fruit I might have been lax enough to leave out. Fred, my husband, did just that a couple of weeks ago. That day Fred came into the lounge just in time to see a monkey pinch an apple he had left on the dining room table. Monkey saw Fred run over the table, jumped over the sleeping hound at the door (who was certainly not on guard at that moment), up onto the fence and up into the trees where he sat and ate his apple quite unperturbed at the enraged man beneath him. It then proceeded to spit out his pips before nonchalantly joining his mates. 😉

There’s always something to keep you sketching away here!

John\'s animal sketches


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