Crazy Weather

Well today I went to the airport to collect my brother, sister-in-law and their little daughter.

They have just returned from Switzerland and the Uk where they had weather that was best viewed from inside a warm house although they did have the odd pleasant day when they enjoyed walking and seeing the sights.

Here we too have had some rather unseasonal stuff. Just last week at my house we had a cold rainy couple of days and we enjoyed a huddle round the fire but down on the South Coast they had some terrible rain which lead to flooding! Not fun.

Now why would I tell you about the bad weather when my business is all about bringing folk here to paint? Honesty really, and also to show that even though it has been bad for some, all the lodges we use are absolutely 100% A-OK, plus the weather is right back on track for winter again 13C tonight and the day has been a fantastic, sunny, blue skies, 24C. Check it out here.


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